‘Mission Impossible 7’ Teaser Reveals Tom Cruise’s Biggest Stunt Yet

It’s the beginning of the end for the Mission Impossible franchise.

Paramount has released the teaser trailer for Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One, the first half to the two-part conclusion of the Tom Cruise-led film franchise. Dead Reckoning Part One will be the seventh film in the Mission Impossible series and the third film written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

With a release date of July 2023, the plot is still under wraps but the teaser trailer gives us a glimpse of what we can expect. The trailer teases all of the things the Mission Impossible series is known for; car chases, crazy stunts, engaging action, and a suspenseful plot along with the returning cast of Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, and Ving Rhames.

There are also many newcomers to the film franchise such as Henry Czerny, Pom Klementieff, Hayley Atwell, and Shea Whigham amongst others.

It’s been a long wait for the next Mission Impossible film. Fallout came out in 2018 and Dead Reckoning was originally scheduled to be released in 2021 with the second part being released a year after. But, the COVID 19 pandemic delayed the release of both films to 2023 and 2024. Dead Reckoning Part One of the two-part finale will be released in theaters on July 14, 2023, with Dead Reckoning Part Two following on June 28, 2024.

The Mission Impossible film franchise has had consistent critical acclaim since the third installment and the reception to the franchise has become a standard for the blockbuster action movie genre.

The Mission Impossible Film Series started in 1996 and was inspired by the television series of the same name that aired from 1966 to 1973. The franchise has now been running for 26 years, with six films released and eight films scheduled to be released in total.


10 Best Movies About Dysfunctional Families

Dysfunctional families can be more entertaining to watch than to have. Every family is different but these families, in particular, are unique in that they are, well, dysfunctional in a variety of different ways. Dysfunctional families can be toxic but they can also be hilarious as well. In this blog post, we go through the 10 best movies that showcase how dysfunctional a family can be. We decided to leave out any films about organized crime since breaking the law as a family is inherently dysfunctional. Here are the 10 best movies about dysfunctional families.


10 Best Movies About Family Problems

10. Knives Out

Knives Out is a refreshing whodunnit that has an infectious enthusiasm that spreads throughout the film and into the audience. Starring Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas, the film is about a detective who investigates the death of the patriarch of an eccentric, combative family. Knives Out is a true movie about a dysfunctional family that is even more entertaining because of Rian Johnson’s fun direction along with all of the quirky characters within the family.


Where To Watch Knives Out

Prime Video w/ Freevee


Awkwafina in The Farewell

9. The Farewell

Death is one of the only things that unites every living being and yet, our responses to it are as varied as our personalities. This film touches on this topic by exploring how one family reacts to the news that their grandmother has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The Farewell is about a Chinese family that discovers their grandmother has only a short while left to live and decides to keep her in the dark, scheduling a wedding to gather before she dies. The film has humor, emotion, and a standout performance from Awkafina.


Where To Watch The Farewell



Denzel Washington and Vioal Davis in Fences

8. Fences

Fences is a unique character-driven film that manages to make you feel for every character in the Maxson family. Denzel Washington and Viola Davis starred in the Broadway revival as Troy and Rose Maxson in 2010. Then, in 2016, Denzel Washington took it upon himself to direct and star in the film adaptation. Viola Davis also reprised her role as Rose Maxson. The two give powerhouse performances in a movie that will make you laugh, cry, and think. Fences follows Troy, a working-class African-American father who tries to raise his family in the 1950s while coming to terms with his unrealized dream of playing baseball.


Where To Watch Fences For $3.99

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Michelle Yeoh, Henry Golding, and Constance Wu in Crazy Rich AsiansCrazy Rich Asians

7. Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians broke new ground in terms of popular cultural representation, offering a glimpse into the challenges that Asian-Americans face while also tackling themes such as status, money, and love. The film is based on the book of the same name, written by Kevin Kwan. It follows a Chinese-American native New Yorker who travels to meet her boyfriend’s family in Singapore and discovers that they are among Asia’s richest and most powerful families. Crazy Rich Asians has excellent comedic timing, a great cast, and is one of the most fun movies on this list.


Where To Watch Crazy Rich Asians



Marshala Ali and Alex R. Hibbert in Moonlight

6. Moonlight

Moonlight is a gritty coming-of-age story that puts an emphasis on the importance of parenting. There are many layers to Moonlight but, at its core, it is a story about the everyday struggles of childhood, adolescence, and burgeoning adulthood for our main character. The film takes a look at three defining chapters in the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. His epic journey to manhood is guided by the kindness, support, and love of the community that helps raise him. Moonlight won Best Picture in the year it was released and is a must-watch for anyone looking for a film about adversity.


Where To Watch Moonlight



Ellar Coltrane growing up throughout Boyhood

5. Boyhood

Richard Linklater created something special with Boyhood. Not only is the film a grounded depiction of a boy’s experience growing up with divorced parents, but it’s also a cinematic achievement. Boyhood came out in 2014 but actually began production in 2002. Linklater’s idea for the film was to cast a young boy and to film him annually for 12 years, thus creating the ultimate film about growing up. The film tells the fictional story of Mason from early childhood to his arrival at college. Linklater cast Ellar Coltrane in the main role as Mason and worked with him from when he was 6yrs old to 18.


Where To Watch Boyhood

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Jesse Eisenberg, Owen Kline, Jeff Daniels, and Laura Linney in The Squid and The Whale

4. The Squid and the Whale

Noah Baumbach has shown himself to be a master of the dysfunctional family genre with films like Margot at the Wedding and Marriage Story. However, his 2005 film The Squid and the Whale takes the cake when it comes to entertaining dysfunctional family movies. The film follows two young boys dealing with their parents’ divorce in Brooklyn in the 1980s. The Squid and The Whale is a warm and honest look at divorce and the emotional impact felt by every member of the family.


Where To Watch The Squid and The Whale



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Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple

3. The Color Purple

The Color Purple is a serious drama with dark subject material that is necessary for emotional catharsis, but difficult to watch all the same. As dysfunctional families go, the family in The Color Purple is almost as toxic as it gets. Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film is about a black Southern woman who struggles to find her identity after suffering abuse from her father and others over four decades. The film is unforgiving in its portrayal of the family dynamic but offers hope at the end of its story.


Where To Watch The Color Purple



Toni Collette, Greg Kinnear, Steve Carell, Abigail Breslin, Paul Dano, and Alan Arkin in Little Miss Sunshine

2. Little Miss Sunshine

Little Miss Sunshine has everything you need for a memorable comedy. Likable and quirky characters, great quotes, and an amazing cast who carry the film into cult-classic territory. The film is about a family that is determined to get their young daughter into the finals of a beauty pageant and take a cross-country trip in their VW bus. The film depicts dysfunctional in all of the most entertaining ways and is a must-watch for anyone looking for a good laugh. Plus, who doesn’t like a good road movie?


Where To Watch Little Miss Sunshine



The Royal Tenenbaums

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

This film could be described as Wes Anderson’s love letter to dysfunctional families. In fact, dysfunction and discord seem to be at the core of this film about the Tenenbaums. Wes Anderson’s style is on full display in the film and he creates many memorable and lovable characters. The movie is about the eccentric members of a dysfunctional family reluctantly who gather under the same roof for various reasons. The Royal Tenenbaums is a hilarious and heartwarming film about family, and it perfectly captures the chaotic nature of any dysfunctional household.


Where To Watch The Royal Tenenbaums For $3.99

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‘Black Mirror’ FINALLY Announces a New Season of Bleak Stories

Black Mirror has been on a particularly long hiatus since the fifth season was released in 2019. Many fans speculated that the series would never come back but it has just been revealed that Black Mirror’s sixth season is currently in development at Netflix.

The most recent season of Black Mirror, season five, received a mixed response from fans. The season took two years to debut only to contain three episodes and none of those episodes were well-liked by the majority of viewers. The creators of Black Mirror seemed to learn from those mistakes and plan to apply those lessons to the next season.

There aren’t many specifics about the upcoming season, but it’s been reported that season six will have more episodes than season five and each episode will feel more cinematic in scope with each being treated like an individual film.

The long hiatus for the sixth season comes after a bleak two years where the world seemed almost as grim as the episodes in the dystopian anthology series. Series creator Charlie Brooker revealed previously that he had no interest in writing about broken societies when our society isn’t doing so well either.

“At the moment, I don’t know what stomach there would be for stories about societies falling apart, so I’m not working away on one of those.” – Charlie Brooker

If anything, the last two years have given Brooker even more material to work with when creating the eerie, technologically dystopian world Black Mirror is known for. With a new season on the horizon, fans can finally look forward to more haunting Black Mirror episodes to see if the show can return to its former glory.

Set in a world only minutes from our own, Black Mirror is a dystopian anthology series that explores a twisted, high-tech multiverse where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide.

5 Best Memorial Day Movies For Families To Watch in 2022

Memorial Day is a holiday to acknowledge all of the brave soldiers that sacrificed their lives in U.S. military service. The day should be a day to mourn and appreciate the fallen but it can also be used educationally for kids to learn about the different sacrifices made in wars throughout history. There are many war movies that would be great to watch on Memorial Day but not all of them are age-appropriate for elementary and middle schoolers. War is a dark subject matter and it should be approached with care and understanding. We have created a movie recommendation list of the best family-friendly Memorial Day movies to watch with young kids. The list has been narrowed down to 5 best picks. Here are the best Memorial Day movies for families to watch in 2022.

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5 Best (Kid-Friendly) Movies For Memorial Day Weekend 2022

A man looks up at the sky in a crowd of soldiers.

5. Dunkirk (Ages 11 and up)

This film may not be about U.S. soldiers but the soldiers from the Allies made huge sacrifices during the Battle of Dunkirk. Dunkirk is about allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Commonwealth and Empire, and France who are surrounded by the German Army and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II. Christopher Nolan manages to create an intense war movie but it’s also very tame when it comes to violence and language. Dunkirk is a great film to immerse kids into the foreboding atmosphere that constantly peered over the soldiers during the battle.


Where To Watch Dunkirk



Frame grab from Tora! Tora! Tora!

4. Tora! Tora! Tora! (Ages 9 and up)

The attack on Pearl Harbor was a consequential turning point in World War II. If Japan had defeated the US and destroyed Pearl Harbor, then they would’ve completely taken over the Pacific region. On top of that, the US got involved in the war because of Japan’s surprise attack. Tora! Tora! Tora! does an excellent job of depicting this important historical event. It’s also a great film to watch with the family on Memorial Day as it shows how even in the darkest hour, there’s always hope for those who fight for what they believe in. Tora! Tora! Tora! is about the story of the 1941 Japanese air raid on Pearl Harbor and the series of preceding American blunders that aggravated its effectiveness.


Where To Watch Tora! Tora! Tora! For $3.99

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Steve McQueen on a Motorcycle in The Great Escape

3. The Great Escape (Ages 8 and up)

This Memorial Day movie may run long at almost three hours, but it’s an excellent conversation starter for families watching together. The Great Escape is a POW film that manages to honor the dead while still engaging us in a story about teamwork. The movie is about allied prisoners of war who plan for several hundred of their number to escape from a German camp during World War II. The kids might have a hard time sitting still during the film but the last half hour is worth the wait.


Where To Watch The Great Escape For $3.99

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Christian Bale in Empire of the Sun

2. Empire of the Sun (Ages 13 and up)

Empire of the Sun is a great movie for families to watch about world war II. Steven Spielberg directs this movie and does a great job of depicting the harsh realities of war but it also shows how people can come together to help each other in times of need. Empire of the Sun is about a young English boy who struggles to survive under the Japanese occupation of China during World War II. A young Christian Bale stars in this film and gives a masterful performance at only thirteen years old.


Where To Watch Empire of the Sun

The Roku Channel


1. Life is Beautiful (Ages 11 and Up)

Introducing a child to the Holocaust is a daunting task but if any movie can do it, then it’s Life is Beautiful. Roberto Benigni stars in and directs this Holocaust drama that will have the whole family laughing and crying. The film does not delve into the horrors of the Holocaust and instead focuses on a father’s love for his son. The film is about an open-minded Jewish waiter and his son who become victims of the Holocaust and the father’s uses of will, humor, and imagination to protect his son from the dangers around their camp. Life is Beautiful has gotten criticism for making light of the Holocaust whereas other viewers have found the film to be deeply moving as it showed even in the worst situation imaginable, humans still have the capacity to find beauty and joy.


Where To Watch Life is Beautiful

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Memorial Day Can Open The Door To Many Conversations

The harsh realities of war can be a complicated topic to discuss with kids but Memorial Day is the perfect time to start those conversations. These war movies are excellent conversation starters that can help teach kids about different aspects of war while still being entertaining.

Memorial Day can be a somber holiday, but it’s also a day to be thankful for the sacrifices that have been made for our freedom. If you’re looking for Memorial Day movies to watch for kids, then we hope these 5 films will help you celebrate the holiday.

‘Avatar 2: Way of Water’ Releases a Teaser Trailer and Movie Poster

Almost thirteen years after the release of Avatar, director James Cameron has released the teaser trailer for Avatar 2: The Way Of Water, which is set to premiere in theaters later this year.

The long-awaited sequel is set more than a decade after the events of the first film where Jake and Neytiri now have multiple children, including a human child is said to be adopted. The trailer teases the story of Jake and Neytiri fighting to protect their family from any dangerous threats. The official synopsis reads: “The Sully family endures danger, battles to the death, and tragedy throughout the film.”

The trailer also returns us to the beautiful world of Pandora with the visually captivating VFX James Cameron is known for. Avatar took audiences by surprise in 2009, largely because of the next-level 3D technology used along with the immersive VFX. Cameron hopes to do the same for the Avatar sequels. In Avatar 2, Cameron developed new technology to capture the underwater scenes in a way that has never been done before. You can get a brief look at some of the beautiful underwater scenes in the teaser trailer.

Avatar 2 Poster

Avatar: The Way of Water has many cast members returning from the original film like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, CCH Pounder, Giovanni Ribisi, and Stephen Lang. There are also newcomers to the franchise added to the cast like Kate Winslet, Michelle Yeoh, and Oona Chaplin.

James Cameron announced the development of four Avatar sequels back in 2010. He has said many times that he has a storyline for all of the films and has spent most of his time working on the franchise. Avatar, from 2009, was the last feature film he directed but he is also directing each of the new Avatar films.

The Avatar sequels have had many delays but they finally have release dates that seem set in stone. We are set to get an Avatar film every other year in December. Avatar: Way of Water will be released on December 16th, 2022, Avatar 3 will be released in 2024, Avatar 4 in 2026, and Avatar 5 in 2028.

The plot for Avatar: Way of Water is unclear but it seems like many of the elements about family will continue in the sequel. It has been a long wait for the four Avatar sequels but with a budget of one billion and Cameron spending over a decade working on the story, the wait may be worth it.

8 Best Movies Like Star Wars

Star Wars is the most recognized space opera franchise of all time. The movies have sci-fi technology, iconic characters, an expansive world, and a classic story. The franchise inspired a huge following of fans over the years, and to this day new generations are getting captured by its originality. Star Wars may be well-known but it is not the only movie series with these qualities. There are many other great space operas and sci-fi movies that have a lot in common with Star Wars. If you’re a Star Wars fanatic that needs more film recommendations, then look no further than this following list of movies like Star Wars.


8 Movies Like The Star Wars Franchise

8. Spaceballs

This film doesn’t tell a serious story but instead parodies the Star Wars franchise. The characters and the story heavily mimic the one told in A New Hope. The film is about a star-pilot for hire and his trusty sidekick who must come to the rescue of a princess and save Planet Druidia from the clutches of the evil Spaceballs. The parody doesn’t have the smartest humor but Star Wars fans might be able to appreciate the humor that pokes fun at their favorite franchise.


Where To Watch Spaceballs

Prime Video w/ AMC+


7. The Last Starfighter

The Last Starfighter is a classic 80s sci-fi. It’s straightforward and simple but still a great movie. The film is about a local high school student who finds himself transported to another planet after conquering the Starfighter video game only to find out it was just a test to be recruited to a team of starfighters from another world. The Last Starfighter is a great family film that has many similarities to Luke Skywalker’s pilot arc in A New Hope.


Where To Watch The Last Starfighter For $3.99

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guardians of the galaxy

6. Guardians of the Galaxy

James Gunn created a quirky and impressive world with Guardians of the Galaxy. It was the first Marvel film that took place off of Earth and introduced us to the space opera within the universe. The film is about a group of intergalactic criminals who must pull together to stop a fanatical warrior with plans to purge the universe. Guardians of the Galaxy tells a unique origin story that is one of the most entertaining space operas on this list.


Where To Watch Guardians of the Galaxy

Disney Plus


5. Avatar

James Cameron revolutionized the film industry by releasing Avatar in 2009. The visual effects are a technical marvel and an achievement in 3D technology. The film started the 3D fad that took up most of the last decade. Avatar is about a paraplegic Marine who is sent to the moon Pandora on a unique mission and becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home. While some may believe that Avatar is overrated, the film is a spectacle that should be appreciated for its advances in filmmaking.


Where To Watch Avatar

Disney Plus


4. The Fifth Element

The Fifth Element has a lot of flaws, but the entertainment value in the performances, narrative, and world overwhelms any flaws that may be picked out. The film is about a cab driver in the colorful future who unwittingly becomes the central figure in the search for a legendary cosmic weapon to keep Evil and Mr. Zorg at bay. The Fifth Element is an extravagant space opera that never takes itself too seriously.


Where To Watch The Fifth Element

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3. Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon is a fun bad movie that feels inspired by the Star Wars movie franchise. The film is a classic science fiction film that is full of campiness and is enjoyably retro. The movie is about a football player and his friends who travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyranny of Ming the Merciless to save Earth. Flash Gordon is a standout guilty pleasure and has plenty of memorable moments and lines that are worth watching.


Where To Watch Flash Gordon

Prime Video


2. Star Trek

JJ Abrams is a huge Star Wars fan, and he was also given the chance to reboot the Star Trek franchise in the 21st century. Many viewers would claim that the new films are a great blend of both Star Trek and Star Wars. The Star Trek franchise follows James T. Kirk as he leads the Enterprise crew against threats against The Federation and with Mr. Spock keeping him in check. The Star Trek movies has dynamic storytelling, actors with impressive chemistry, and a contagious energy that keeps you wanting to see more.


Where To Watch Star Trek

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Where To Watch Star Trek Into Darkness

Paramount Plus

Where To Watch Star Trek Beyond

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Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet in Dune

1. Dune

A huge part of the allure to the Star Wars universe is the immersive world that George Lucas created. It’s expansive and full of lore that is worth exploring. Dune, originally written by Frank Herbert, is a sci-fi fantasy epic that paints an intricate and impressive world as well. The story is about a brilliant and gifted young man who is thrown into a conflict between malevolent forces and entrusted to protect the most valuable element in the galaxy. Dune is an epic adventure that deserves recognition as one of the greatest science fiction stories ever written.


Where To Watch Dune



Space TV Shows May Be More Enjoyable For Star Wars Fans

Star Wars has a lot of world-building, and that is one of the reasons why it is such a beloved franchise. If you want to watch something that has a lot of depth, then it may make more sense to check out sci-fi TV shows. Shows allow stories to be told in a longer format and can have more time dedicated to developing the characters, their relationships, and the world. If you’re interested in watching some space TV shows, check out our list here.