Bama Rush (2023)

It centers on women as they rush the sorority system at the University of Alabama in 2022.

Pennywise: The Story of IT (2021)

Looking back on the creation of the 1990 horror miniseries adapted from Stephen King’s novel, and featuring Tim Curry as the child-eating clown Pennywise.

Potty Town (2022)

This is the tasteful, true tale of Hank Robar and his artistic porcelain protest that has polarized the people of Potsdam, New York.

Judy Blume Forever (2023)

Trailblazing author Judy Blume’s radical honesty changed the way millions of adolescent readers understood themselves, their sexuality, and what it meant to grow up.

Still Human (2022)

Still Human is a social examination of the two cities of Mumbai and Los Angeles and the struggles and causes of the most disenfranchised populations in these systems.

Teenage Emotions (2021)

In a Los Angeles high school, a group of teens navigates the ups and downs of growing up. Young people struggle with the realities of dating and social media.