Densmore (2019)

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Avg Rating 3 /5:

In September of 1991, the people of Densmore Kansas vanished overnight. The only evidence of the disturbance leading to their disappearance is a distorted 9-1-1 call that the host of “Fear the Unknown” Podcast, Mitchell, plays for his audience. Mitchell takes a trip to the deserted town to live-stream his experience. When he also disappears under mysterious circumstances, Agent James Reagan – an investigator who specializes in military technology – takes on Mitchell’s case in order to find out the truth about Mitchell’s disappearance and begins to uncover some of Densmore’s twisted secrets.

The premise of Densmore resembles Twin Peaks but more for the build-up than anything else. The idea centers around the rural town of Densmore and how its 100+ residents immediately vanished without a trace. The road to finding out how this happened is more exciting than finding the actual answer....Read more