Twenty Twenty (2019)

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Avg Rating 1.5 /5:

Dave Slade faces a myriad of internal and external struggles in trying to figure out what’s real or surreal. He encounters the threatening presence of Terranova, a huge woman who claims she’s from the future, and he experiences terrible nightmares that illuminate this dilemma she presents to him along with a Mystery Woman. His Landlord, Mary Lee, is a positive presence who helps him waddle through the murky waters of his polluted mind as Old Man mysteriously guides him to his destiny.

There’s a weird sense of catharsis watching a film like Twenty Twenty, made in 2019 but created to speculate on 2020 with the same paranoia bubbling for the coming of the Millenium. On one level, it comes fairly close to reflecting that feeling of isolation and loss as the lead...Read more