NBC’s ‘Manifest’ In Talks To Be Saved By Netflix

July 21, 2021 | Benjamin Carpenter

After 3 successful seasons, NBC’s Manifest was canceled unexpectedly by the network. The cancellation was announced last month and ever since then, the creator of the show, Jeff Rake, along with thousands of fans have been in an uproar about the show’s cancellation. 

Since many other shows on networks have been picked up by streaming services, Manifest could be too. Netflix already streams Manifest so it only makes sense that Netflix would be the potential saving grace for the series. Netflix was in talks with the studio behind Manifest, Warner Bros TV, to potentially continue the series on the streaming platform but those conversations ended after encountering the hurdles of international distribution rights.

However, Netflix and Warner Bros TV are in talks again. Netflix had a change of heart after Manifest topped their streaming ratings for weeks. Netflix is now determined to continue Manifest as a Netflix original but the hurdle of distribution rates is still there. Netflix has successfully transitioned network shows onto their streaming platform before. Most notably with Lucifer.

After FOX canceled Lucifer, Netflix picked up the show and has continued it for 2 more seasons so far. Jeff Rake has plans for Manifest to continue for 3 more seasons, making the 6th season the last.

Whether Manifest gets picked up by Netflix or not, it’s clear that the series has developed a cult following that will only grow in time. The show may not be picked up today or tomorrow but the following may allow the show to get picked up years down the line.

Manifest is about a commercial airliner that suddenly reappears after going missing five years ago. Those aboard reintegrate into society and they experience visions of events yet to occur and soon a deeper mystery unfolds. Manifest stars Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, J.R. Ramirez, Luna Blaise, Jack Messina, Parveen Kaur, and Matt Long.


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