Top 10 Adventure Movies

August 19, 2022 | Benjamin Carpenter

When we think of adventure movies, we think of stories that take us on a journey. Similar to action movies, these journeys are filled with challenges, danger, and suspense. But unlike action movies, adventure movies tend to be more focused on the fantastical and emotional elements that make up said journey. They are the perfect way to escape reality and explore different worlds, whether they be real or imagined. In this blog post, we go through the top 10 adventure movies to watch with your family.


10 Best Adventure Movies

10. Cast Away

Cast Away leads a FedEx executive to be stranded on a deserted island. The adventure isn’t exactly light-hearted and fun but is instead a story of hope, determination, and the will to survive. The film is about a FedEx executive who undergoes a physical and emotional transformation after a crash landing on a deserted island.


9. National Treasure

National Treasure is one of the most beloved Nicolas Cage movies. It’s an action-packed adventure flick that plays on the American beliefs about conspiracy theories and secret societies. The movie is about a historian who races to find the legendary Templar Treasure before a team of mercenaries. National Treasure is a timeless adventure film that proves to be exciting every time you watch it.


8. Life of Pi

This film shows what’s possible when you mix together elements of an adventure film with those of a fantasy film. Ang Lee is known for his ability to tell stories with beautiful visuals, and Life of Pi is one of his best. The film is about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epic journey of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an unexpected connection with another survivor: a fearsome Bengal tiger. Life of Pi is a visually stunning and emotionally powerful adventure that everyone should see.


7. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean has outstanding characters, witty humor, and non-stop action. It’s a perfect example of an adventure movie done right. Johnny Depp gives an Oscar-nominating performance as Jack Sparrow, a pirate looking out for his own survival. The film is about blacksmith Will Turner who teams up with eccentric pirate “Captain” Jack Sparrow to save his love, the governor’s daughter, from Jack’s former pirate allies, who are now undead.


6. Stand By Me

Stand By Me is an emotional adventure movie that has less action and more coming-of-age drama. Rob Reiner directed this film about a group of young boys who go on a hike to find a dead body. The movie is set in the 1950s and along the way, they learn about life, death, and what they mean to each other. It’s an adventure movie that will leave you feeling nostalgic for your childhood and emotional about the characters.


5. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

This film takes teenage siblings in the middle of World War II and turns them into warrior heroes in another world. The adventure depicted in the film is one of the most grand and imaginative ever put on screen. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch is about four kids who travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free it with the guidance of a mystical lion. The film is an exciting and heartwarming adventure that the whole family can enjoy.


4. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is one of the most iconic adventure movies ever made. It’s a thrilling ride from start to finish that created a new generation of dinosaur fans. The film is about a pragmatic paleontologist who is touring an almost complete theme park on an island in Central America and is tasked with protecting a couple of kids after a power failure causes the park’s cloned dinosaurs to run loose. Jurassic Park is one of the most iconic and influential adventure movies of all time.


3. Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is the movie that made Harrison Ford a star and Steven Spielberg a household name. It’s the perfect example of an adventure movie done right, with non-stop action, great characters, and a sense of humor. Raiders of the Lost Ark is about an archaeologist and adventurer Indiana Jones who is hired by the U.S. government to find the Ark of the Covenant before Adolf Hitler’s Nazis can obtain its awesome powers in 1963.


2. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is an extraordinary adventure into the world of Japanese animation. It’s a visually stunning film and tells a unique story that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. The film centers around a 10-year-old girl who, after being discouraged by her family’s move to the suburbs, discovers an alternate reality of gods and demons that change humans into beasts. Spirited Away is an adventure that will leave you both exhilarated and amazed.


1. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This is the first movie in one of the most epic adventure stories ever told. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has it all: great characters, a spectacular world, and thrilling action. The trilogy follows a meek Hobbit and eight companions who set out on a journey to destroy a ring that has the power to destroy Middle-earth. Lord of the Rings is the epitome of an adventure movie with its captivating story and engaging story.


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