Walter White & Jesse Pinkman Are Returning To The Small Screen

April 14, 2022 | Benjamin Carpenter

It’s official. Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will be returning to the small screen.

Peter Gould has confirmed that Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their roles as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the final season of Better Call Saul. Gould made the announcement on a Better Call Saul panel in PaleyFestLA.

“I don’t want to spoil things for the audience, but I will say the first question we had when we started the show was, ‘Are we gonna see Walt and Jesse on the show?’ Instead of evading, I’ll just say yeah. How or the circumstances or anything, you’ll just have to discover that for yourself, but I have to say that’s one of many things that I think you’ll discover this season.” – Peter Gould

Since the start of the series in 2015, co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould have been open to a reprisal of roles from Breaking Bad. Giancarlo Esposito reprised his role as Gustavo Fring, Jonathan Banks reprised his role as Mike Ehrmantraut, and lastly, Mark Margolis reprised his role as Hector Salamanca.

In addition to Breaking Bad characters appearing in Better Call Saul, Vince Gilligan also released El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie in 2019. The film put an end to Jesse Pinkman’s character arc and featured many familiar faces from the beloved TV series.

The series creators are clearly open to working with the Breaking Bad cast in future projects and it’s no surprise that they brought back Walter and Jesse for Better Call Saul’s final season. Although, it’s unclear when they’ll appear in the season.

Better Call Saul’s sixth and final season will be split into two parts similar to Breaking Bad’s fifth season. The first part of the final season will premiere on AMC at 9 p.m. on April 18th, 2022. The second part of the season will air on AMC on July 11, 2022.


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